Agency for Community Transit Board of Directors

Agency for Community Transit, Inc. (ACT) is a private, non-profit 501 (c)(3) agency incorporated in the State of Illinois. ACT operates all fixed route and paratransit services for Madison County Transit (MCT) and continues to be ACT’s exclusive function. ACT is overseen by a three-member Board of Directors. Current Board of Directors include:

Sally Ferguson(President)
Jerry Kane(Member)
Ron Jedda(Member)
  • ACT Executive Director is SJ Morrison
  • Mailing Address for all above individuals is:
  • Agency for Community Transit
  • One Transit Way
  • PO Box 7500
  • Granite City, IL 62040-7500
FY 2020 Meeting Dates
December 17, 2019:

May 22, 2020: